Energy Audits

We provide a free, no obligation, energy audit to determine potential energy savings for commercial and industrial facilities. Allow us to take a brief tour of your facility so that we can gather all the necessary information & data to determine your potential energy savings. This audit will allow us to provide you with the most efficient energy saving solutions for your facility.

Lighting Upgrades & Retrofits

KES Electrical purchases their products directly from manufacturers, allowing us to offer notable savings for top quality lighting upgrades. We utilize a photometric layout to ensure proper lighting is being used in your facility and our team electrical engineers will professionally install your upgrades.

Lighting Controls

Simple control solutions such as an occupancy sensor can substantially reduce your energy usage. For example, we can either replace a switch with an occupancy sensor, install lighting zones operated by a sensor, or institute a more advanced lighting control system for your facility.

Energy Saving System

KES Electrical utilizes energy saving systems that reduce electrical energy costs associated with the operation of loads of motor driven equipment, appliances, electronic devices, and magnetically ballasted lighting systems. No matter the shape or size, we will create the most effective energy saving system possible for our clients.

Energy Management Systems

We offer control solutions for your HVAC and electrical equipment for your facility. The addition of a control system to monitor and operate your HVAC and electrical equipment not only will reduce energy usage, but can reduce your peak demand. Our team of technicians guarantees professional-grade installation.

Renewable Energy

From commercial and residential grid-tied systems to off-grid battery and grid-tied battery systems, we have a solution for your renewable solar energy.


KES Electrical is a full service licensed electrical contractor with over twenty years of experience, knowledge, and growth. We look forward to showing you how much you can save through our expertise.


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Energy Audits