We develop, install, and maintain electrical systems designed to provide energy savings for your business.

What We Do

KES Electrical is an electrical contractor that specializes in maximizing energy efficiency for commercial and industrial facilities. Through lighting upgrades and energy management products we are able to provide solutions that will lead to a variety of benefits including:

• Reduction in over-head

• Lower maintenance

Higher quality lighting

We deliver a professional energy audit that will determine potential savings which will project substantial energy savings with an ROI under 36 months.

Why Choose Us

We have 20 years of experience satisfying our clients through:

  • Electical Contracting
  • Lighting Efficiency
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Management Controls
  • HVAC Controls


  • No hassle energy audits!

For more information, please visit: Free Energy Audit

Free Energy Audit

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